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BflowVisual design and print

Need to design a new logo, complete corporate identity, a brochure or a catalog? We are here for you. Our graphic designers have been working in the field for over 10 years. From the concept stage, the production and delivery of the given materials to printing.

Logo design

  • We generate multiple concepts for your new logo. After a consultation we implement any corrections and provide you with a final logo in all the necessary formats for all conceivable purposes.

Creating a corporate identity

  • When a logo alone is not enough. We prepare the entire presentation of your company. We design business cards, stationery, meter boards, car decals, etc.

Creation of catalogs, magazines, brochures, and flyers

  • We design and typeset all pages. Our DTP specialist can handle a magazine or catalog of 5, 50, or 500 pages.

Content graphics for your website and social networks

  • Need an infographic for your website or a new hero image for your Facebook page? We can handle everything from icons to campaign banners to graphics for social media posts.

Company electronic documents

  • We bring the materials you will present to your clients across the finish line. We can make short work of email signatures, letterheads, or a good presentation.

Presentation materials

  • Headed for a conference or an exhibition? Need to design a booth, invitations, name tags or just meter boards? We can handle anything.


  • We have skillful professionals in our team with a wealth of experience in shooting events, product photos, and promotional materials.

Business cards

  • An attractive business card can set you apart and help your customer remember you better.

Car decals

  • Does your company use a fleet of cars? A car is an excellent mobile billboard. Brand your fleet and you will be more visible.

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