About our team

We work hard and adopt a personal approach right from the start of every project. We are based in Prague but are happy to meet you wherever you may be.

We believe in transparency and we build a professional relationship with our clients, which is the foundation of every great long-term collaboration. We are happy to share our knowledge with members of your team too.

Our team consists of highly experienced experts in the field. We will provide you with everything from marketing strategy and graphic design to website and event management.

We love our work and it makes us happy to help our clients achieve the best results. We follow new trends and analyze data.

We do not want to be just a service provider. We aim to become long-term partners in your business. It is essential for us to understand your story, and that is why we consult with you, ask questions, and seek to find the best solution for your business.

Working with our agency will bring you results. You will know exactly how effective your campaign truly is. If we do not see the benefit in something, we will honestly tell you about it and suggest a better solution.

Ctirad Hemelík

Statutory director

Over a long period, I have been dedicated to stimulating and nurturing creativity, inspiration of thought, and personal growth. I wish to seek and find visions and interesting projects which could improve the condition of our society. During my professional career, I have organized over 2000 events in the Czech Republic and Central Europe, introducing over 460 leading figures from all over the world.

Adam Parma

Marketing manager

Jana Hemelíkova

HR manager

Jan Hruska

Director of Event Management

Michal Hajek

DTP studio, graphics & print

Jan Kolar

Social media specialist

Jaroslav Major

PR specialist


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