How we work

Based on the client’s request we carry out the following steps:


Project Analysis


  • Marketing audit and media analysis – evaluation with the client
  • SWOT analysis of the media project
  • SWOT analysis presentation and identification of communication topics with the client
  • Contract is concluded with the client

The average contract includes 10 hours of consultation, which we provide to the client (in case of concluding a contract) free of charge

Media Relations


  • Media list update – we create targeted media lists
  • Poll survey – we ask journalists beforehand to find out what they are interested in
  • Text processing, distribution and media lobbying
  • Providing information to analysts and selected stakeholders
  • Regular media monitoring
  • Responding to press inquiries (press office)
  • Organization of interviews, press trips, round tables, discussions
  • Newsletter publishing
  • Creating content for social media
  • Speaker preparation – media training, consulting

Crisis communication


  • Creating a crisis communication manual
  • Crisis prevention
  • 24/7 support in case of a crisis
  • Selection and preparation of speakers
  • Control of communication flow
  • Using the crisis for the client’s benefit

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